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See What Else is Cooking

See What Else Is Cooking

Congratulation! is in order to a City of Houston employee in the Public Works and Engineering department who needs no introduction.  She is already famous for achieving the longest stunt of milking taxpayer money for tuition payments to obtain a PhD after almost 20 years.  Mistreating fellow employees is also her celebrated hobby!

However, it’s a great pain and dishonor to introduce (KB) Kathlie Bulloch, P.E., aka, the Grievance Queen. The aka is due to the fact that several grievances have been filed against her by fellow employees over the many years of her queenly rule over her subjects. The City of Houston Office of Inspector General (OIG) has the records. We are simply pained by the unholy achievement of KB for her success in obtaining a PhD degree through the special privileges of use of city time, money and equipment - computer usage in particular.

Speaking of special privileges, we obtained information that KB is the only Managing Engineer in the Public Work and Engineering Department that has been allowed use of  FLEX TIME, meaning that she is physically out of her office most of the time. How then could this rolling manager effectively supervise by remote control from outside the office?

And one would also reasonably ask, Who is Kathlie Bulloch?

It’s funny to know.  She is the one and only KB famous for ruling her kingdom without crown or wisdom!  She simply rules by exercise of unfair practice of imposing her self made unofficial policies on fellow employees.  By way of limited example, one of her masterpiece tricks pertaining to un-ethical and non-professional instructions she gives to her choice supervisors is to deliberately give bad EPEs (employee performance evaluations) to her least favored employees, even though they are excellent workers.  Again the OIG has the records.

Abuse of power?

We present here another example in a memo and signature below depicting a newly hired supervising engineer who is still on PROBATION, but who has been authorized by KB to sign the engineering plans for the City Engineers of public works and engineering department in her absence:



Information we obtained revealed that there is a Managing Engineer, same level as of KB, and several other senior engineers available in the department.  We wonder how it is possible to authorize a very new city employee who is still on probation, and who is still learning to familiarize himself  with engineering plan review process, can sign off on official legal documents (construction plans) for the City Engineer? To us this is a clear-cut case of  violation of City policy!  According to sources, that is her common practice. 

But alas, we announce a financial breakthrough for the City of Houston!

Oh! what a relief for the City from a financial constraint standpoint. KB has now graduated! The city’s burden of paying her school fees is finally over! Thousands of dollars had been spent on educating KB over the long years.  And let’s not forget the uncountable hours of city time, including travel time throughout the world KB had spent to obtain her PhD degree. Time sheets, travel time, and computer logs can verify those.

Congratulations, KB!

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