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METRO George

Our METRO George at Work

What a shame! Mr. George Greanias, the CEO of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO), appointed by Mayor Annise Parker last September got on the radar while watching porn websites in his office during work hours. What’s next? How low can one go?

According to the media reports, Greanias visited more than a dozen such websites from his work place. Mr. Greanias is set on a wrong path like other heads of Governmental Agencies, i.e. City of Houston officials, as we posted about them earlier for mismanaging and wasting Tax Dollars. Greanias was a Houston City council member and then became the controller for the city.

We can reasonably believe that when Mr. Greanias’s interviewed for the CEO position at METRO, one of the required duties for the job was to visit the METRO RAIL LINE CONSTRUCTION SITE, which it now seems Mr. Greanias totally misunderstood for visit to PORN WEBSITES! And he said he thought he was home relaxing on the spoils of these sites?  That means total absent minded physically presence in the office during business hour.

In our opinion, Mr. Greanias has abused his office and wasted TAX DOLLARS. An experienced veteran politician should have shown true dedicated service for Houstonians.  That should have included but not limited to display of good morals, good ethics, good professional judgment, good habit with clean mind and strong religious discipline. But contrary to these values, he would have cleared the way for other highly placed public officials to misuse and abuse power should METRO fail to call a spade a spade and react judiciously to this matter.

It will definitely be disastrous if the next message from METRO to our high ranking public officials reads as follows: You can do what ever you want. You are powerful and untouchable. You can watch porn in your office. You can waste Tax dollars, etc. You are free to do what ever pleases you!  That appears to be the George Greanias message. He has disregarded professional responsibility crossed the ethical line professional conduct. His action speaks for itself. There should be no excuse for giving him slap on the wrist and ushering him back to his position.

Being a head of the Metropolitan Transit Authority is no excuse! Mr. George Greanias should be suspended permanently. We bet there are hundreds of good professional in Houston to replace him. This would give a good reason for all high ranking governmental officials to be sincere, fair, honest and professional while doing their highly paid public jobs.   One mistake is too many mistakes. Bad habits are hard to break.  Nobody knows how long METRO George had been watching porn in his office. A wise decision from Mayor Annise Parker is rightly expected!

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